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Welcome to our site! Here you’ll find the latest pictures and news about our group. Visit us regularly to see what we’re up to.
Xin chào đón qúy vị đến với trang nhà của Câu Lạc Bộ Nhiếp Ảnh – Viện Việt Học, California. Qúy vị ghé thăm trang nhà của CLBNA thường xuyên để biết chương trình sinh hoạt nhiếp ảnh của CLB.

Group Description

This group is a place for members to share their photographic experiences with Vietnamese culture, demonstrate techniques through example, and discuss latest events.

Group Policies
We are looking for original photos so please only submit photos that you yourself have taken. Remember the work you submit to the group represents you as a photographer so be selective with your and choose only your best photographs!

If you find one of your photographs has been removed from the group pool please don’t resubmit it. Thank you.